10 Morning Routine Ideas to Boost Your Productivity

 10 Morning Routine Ideas to Boost Your Productivity

Morning is the most crucial part of the day. A great start of the day leads to a great day. And great day comprises of completing the goals that you set for the day. Finishing off your work, living happily, getting what you are struggling for, it all starts up with a simple yet effective practice. As discussed in book Atomic Habits, changing your habits it very essential, hence changing with morning routine ideas is a wise choice. So, to make your day great here are top 10 morning routine ideas to boost your productivity. These morning routine ideas are well designed and shared with experience. Let’s dig into the article.

Morning Routine Ideas
Morning Routine Ideas

Wake Up Before Sunrise

Waking before sunrise might seems a normal thing, but that’s the first and most crucial step towards self-development and most important in morning routine ideas. But waking up before sunrise is adds a great level of boost to your self-confidence. It would give you some extra hours over other people hustling to same topic as you hence making you a step ahead than others. And getting a tough competition these days is way very common, and getting some extra hours can make you far way ahead of other trying to bush you back. No matter if you sleep a bit early but sticking to a strict sleep cycle would help your body to be energized and fresh.

It might be a bit difficult for you and your body for the initial days, but after 21 days it would start showing you results.

Drink Penalty of Water After Leaving the Bed

It has been 7-8 hours of you sleeping. You haven’t even ate or drank something since then, hence your body is craving out of hunger and being dehydrated. Drinking a lot of water would be the very first step to provide your body what it needs. It was like a motivational drink for me and hands resulted in giving the best of me. If unintentional it does result in another benefit; I was feeling energetic my face was free of acne and brightened my mood was good, and I was in a Hustle mode. It worked for me. Just give it a try; it will work for you as well, as it is proven human psychology.


 Not only this, drinking water early morning gives a lot other benefits too. Like:

  •     Clear Skin
  •    Weight Loss
  •     Flush Toxins from Body
  •     Reduce Stress
  •     Energies Body

Practice Meditation

Meditation is so far a great thing to shape mind. Just as we go to gym to get our body into a shape, meditation works as a gym for our brain.

You don’t have to do anything like thought or create a special state of mind. Wisdom come to no need just simply be so as long as you are aware of something and then maintain that awareness that is meditation so. But of course sometimes when we meditate like that then a lot of thoughts pop up in our minds like to-do lists I have to do this, I have to do that, I need to talk to that person I have this important deadline am I wasting time how can I know I’m doing right or wrong so all this comes so that’s normal.

So when I was young first time when I meditate I have all these things comes some time I lost completely to forget to listen to some and then certainly I remember oh I forget again so that’s okay no problem you can try again listen to sound forget listen to some forget so that is the sound meditation.


Doing cardio vascular activity as your days starts would give you a pump. Pump in your muscles and in your self-confidence. It would act like an armor on your body protecting your inner wisdom and peace. Kicking off all your problems and tensions and help you to be more focused. It helps to improve mood with a add on of better sleep at night. It gives a opportunity to do workout before days starts to ignore distractions and focus on other task for the rest of the day.

Create To-Do List

Creating to do list gives a boost in your daily productivity and helps to prioritize each task. With a clear mind and clear aim for the day help you for better time management and helps to use your day effectively. Also it reduces stress level as there’s no other thinking of what work is needed to be done while doing something else. And a stress-free day adds some more days to your life tenure. Hence, a simple habit would increase your life span.

It also comes with better memory retention helping your brain to learn things early morning and being awake for the rest of the day.

Take A Cold Shower

Shower is a normal thing in our everyday life, but cold shower shows a significant result in your inner and external growth. Here are three things I personally noticed trying this out:

1. Skin

From the first week, I started noticing changes in my skin. I was clearer and more spotless. Less irritating throughout the day and has a bright glow. As cold water closes all your pores, so it did mine and does not allow dirt and pollution to let inside my skin.

That was the time I started feeling confident about my skin.

2. Energy

After a cold shower in the morning, I felt blood rushing throughout my body and it felt pleasant. I never procrastinated after that and all my work was seamless.

I did not feel tired for the whole day. And the night sleep I had was boosted. From one hour of deep sleep to two hours. It was a huge jump in my six hours of sleep. It really boosted my confidence for the day and was worth it.

3. Winning Feeling

It felt like I won the morning and now the day is left to be done. A first good step towards the morning resulting in an awesome day. It was a bit difficult but a great way to beat procrastination and challenge yourself.


Eat Healthy Breakfast Without Distraction

Eating might seem a very common thing done every day. Being everyday activity most of us ignores it, but it has a significant role in our day-to-day life the way you eat, at what speed, how you chew, etc. But a healthy breakfast or first meal of the days give you a feeling of victory and kick start your day with a lot of energy.

No social media Till Evening

Frankly, this was a unintentional habit I generated but worked like wonders. Checking social media once a day help me reduce the time, I was wasting on Instagram earlier and utilize that energy into something meaningful. Also, there was no comparison from others life living very happily and it created a peace of mind and a comfort zone. Helped me not to overthink anything yet focusing on myself and tracking my own progress.

Even being unintentional, it was the fastest to show results among 10 morning routine ideas.

Read Self-Help Book

Not bluffing, but it literally changed my personality. I was damn confident about my body and my strength. Learned new things and gain strength. I came to a stage at which I challenged my biggest fear and overcome it. And started getting comments that really motivated me. I was on the way to becoming a sigma male. Loving myself alone time, getting unwanted attention, no fear no tension, and life was set. Working my ass off for the goal I chose for myself. Committed to me and did what I could.

Soon, my music taste changed from sad, demotivating songs to motivation, fighting, and aggressive songs. Stopped caring about satisfying others and satisfying my own soul. Got control of my emotions and reactions. Hence it was the most effective among 10 morning routine ideas.

Practice Gratitude

Honestly, that’s a habit that wont show you result fast enough among 10 morning routine ideas but its result would be your life changing. Its intention is to break down a little before showing what’s it advantages are. I wont be discussing advantages here because it would be better to experiment it yourself and share your experience. All this practice requires from you is patience and consistency. These two keys could lead to gratitude and this gratitude can lead to impossible wonders.

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